Why we started MotoBucks.com?

Like so many things these days, there comes a time to simplify and restructure processes that just don’t work or are outdated. We took a long hard look at the industry – what it is, how it works, and what it can become to better serve the people, and not the big corporations, more efficiently. The end result is MotoBucks.com, a community driven platform that uses feedback and input from end user to make changes that will serve the buyers and sellers more efficiently – a platform that promotes accountability and transparency in the used vehicle market and is not a free-for-all. We believe in empowering and educating people to gain knowledge about what they are buying and selling, and help them reach their buying and selling goals. A true win-win! We also noticed a disturbing trend. The lack of live customer support in the corporate type marketplaces. It is a nightmare to get anyone to help you when you need it most. The MotoBucks.com team is always there for you whenever you have a question or concern. Whether you prefer to email, text, or talk on the phone, we are here to help with live support.

Transparency in the user based online vehicle market

Too often vehicles are misrepresented at physical vehicle auctions and sold to unsuspecting vehicle buyers as a good running vehicle. Most actual auctions won’t let you drive or test the vehicles you are buying and have no return policy when you do buy a defective vehicle.

Motobucks.com is online only so we impress upon registered sellers to list vehicles as they are with all the positive things about the vehicle and all the flaws or mechanical issues. We also have 100% buyers guarantee. This means if the vehicle you purchase is not as described in the listing, you have the right to walk away and receive 100% of the buyer’s fee back, without hassles, saving both time and disappointment. Our vehicles are sold to the right buyers who will receive exactly what they bid on.

Some of the registered buyers on our platform are first time car buyers that want a reliable vehicle. Some are mechanically inclined people that enjoy buying vehicles that need repairs. Others are car dealers looking for inventory or scrap buyers or wrecking yards wanting to fill their yard for parts. With powerful selling tools like a video walk around, sellers can be confident that their vehicle is being sold to a broad market and will sell for market price no matter what is wrong with their vehicle.


We built MotoBucks.com…

  • To educate people on how to save time and get more money for the vehicle they are selling on a safe, fun and easy to use platform.
  • To create a one stop safe and secure market for unwanted vehicles that usually end up at the junk yard before their time. This creates an opportunity for mechanics, car flippers or people that just like to get a great deal on vehicles without searching hours and hours on online classified marketplaces only to get ghosted or ripped off.
  • To bring a positive economic impact to your city by putting more vehicles back on the road. This puts money back into your local community through fuel stations, auto parts stores, tire suppliers, state tax and registrations, paint suppliers and body shops, and more.

We built MOTOBUCKS.COM for YOU! We hope you enjoy.


~ The creators of MotoBucks.com

Raymond Adray: Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Raymond Adray is the President and CEO of MotoBucks. He is a passionate and hands on leader responsible for the overall vision and strategic direction of the company. With more than 35 years of experience in restorations, repairing, buying, selling and marketing all things automotive, Raymond has developed an exceptional ability to identify future trends and customer needs within the automotive industry. This insight led him to envision the initial concept of overhauling the auto auction experience, which later, in 2016, resulted in the co-founding of MotoBucks and the MotoBucks.com platform.

Prior to MotoBucks, Raymond experienced great success in buying and selling distressed vehicles. The experience and knowledge gained during these years is the driving force behind MotoBucks’ growth and innovative advancements to the auto auction experience for both the buyer and seller.

Raymond is a champion of the people. His vision is to provide the everyday person with the ability to get more money for their unwanted vehicles in a fast and easy process. He has brought the true meaning of customer service back to the automotive marketplace. Through the creation of MotoBucks.com, Raymond has accomplished his goal of creating an honest, fair and transparent marketplace that everyone can enjoy.

Why is Raymond so passionate about MotoBucks?

“Born and raised near Detroit, Michigan, automobiles are in my blood, and that came to my realization when I was 8 years old. My father, a truck driver for Chrysler and entrepreneur, sat me on his lap, and while he controlled the pedals, let me take control of steering the car. It was Exhilarating! Dad wasn’t into fishing or baseball, he liked to buy and sell almost anything, so he took me to auctions and started teaching me about what to look for and how to buy a vehicle. From that point on, my love for automobiles grew stronger every day. At the age of 16, with my mother’s help, I bought my first car from our neighbor for $100. Next, a neighbor gave me a car that had a blown engine. Within a few days, I had sold that car for $200 to a man needing parts. Man, I was ecstatic about the great deal I just made! The experience of managing great deals continued and as time passed, just so I could have a part in what I loved, I involved myself in the auto industry in any way I could. I have owned thousands of vehicles in my life and still love the thrill of dealing with them. MotoBucks is a dream come true for me. Ever since I was a little boy, I have wanted to have a positive impact on the auto auction industry and in people’s lives. Now, I get the opportunity to do both at the same time!”

David Treacy: Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

As the COO, David Treacy is responsible for the day-to-day operations of MotoBucks. While his primary focus is creating the optimum customer experience, he is also instrumental in building meaningful partnerships and establishing modern, targeted branding strategies. With an eye for identifying growth opportunities, David is a key company collaborator and contributes to the ongoing development of the MotoBucks.com auction platform.

David has excellent experience in growing and operating large scale online businesses. Most recently, he served as operations manager and partner for an online travel agency. Under his command, this company experienced increased revenue year after year.

Driven by an entrepreneurial appetite for learning, David has held various positions and partnerships in companies related to online marketing, sales and automotive. His most relevant experience was while working in the automotive industry as a sales and marketing representative for an auto impound towing company. During his tenure he built a strong regional presence and learned valuable lessons about distressed vehicle ownership and sales. All of which is incorporated into the overall vision and delivery of MotoBucks.

Why is David so passionate about MotoBucks?

“I saw an opportunity to improve the overall used car market for everyone, especially the public. I fell in love with the idea of simplifying the sale of inexpensive or unwanted vehicles, and putting more money back into the pockets of the people that need it the most.”